Conditions of Sale


Welcome to and our associated domains:,, and These Conditions of Sale outline the framework that governs your access to our websites, your ability to place orders, and the overarching contractual relationship that exists between User, as the Purchaser, and Spareto OÜ, hereinafter referred to as the Seller. By placing an order through or any of our associated domains, the User enters into an agreement with Spareto OÜ, a company registered under the code 12363920, with its primary place of business located at Tala 2, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia. For any inquiries or assistance, the User can reach us via email at

It is mutually understood and agreed that by finalizing an order, the User fully accepts these Conditions of Sale. This acceptance signifies the User's informed consent to the terms herein, which have been carefully designed to safeguard the rights of the User as our esteemed customer and to secure the rights of Spareto OÜ as a business entity. Our aim is to foster a transparent and harmonious relationship with the User through these terms.

Spareto Service

Spareto stands at the forefront of online retail for automotive spare parts, created by the Seller with the direct sale to the Purchaser in mind. Our platform features an expansive catalog of high-quality spare parts for various types of vehicles — from passenger cars to trucks and beyond. Our goal is to provide a seamless, efficient shopping experience that meets all of your vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

General Provisions

The Seller and the Purchaser conduct their relations in accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, other relevant legal statutes of the Republic of Estonia, and the Conditions of Sale as agreed upon on and our associated domains.

Rights of the Seller:

  • to modify information within the platform and our associated domains, including prices and the Conditions of Sale,
  • to temporarily restrict access to the website and any associated domains due to technical reasons or maintenance,
  • to encounter other technical issues without prior notice,
  • to offer alternative products, subject to agreement with the Purchaser,
  • to cancel an order for reasons beyond the Seller's control, with a commitment to refund any advance payments within 30 days of notifying the Purchaser,
  • to amend the Conditions of Sale without the requirement to notify the Purchaser in writing via email.

Rights of the Purchaser:

  • to request the deletion of personal data from the Seller’s database across and associated domains.

Product Information

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Seller does not manufacture the products offered for sale on this website. Our commitment is to ensure that the information presented about our products is accurate. However, the actual packaging and materials of products may carry more or different details than those shown on our site. It's important to note that all product details, cross-reference numbers, and photos provided on our website are supplied by the spare part manufacturer and are intended for informative purposes only. Customers are encouraged to always consult product labels, warnings, and instructions provided with the product prior to usage.

Included in the product information on our website are:

  • an identification number that uniquely identifies each product,
  • the name of the producer clearly indicates the source of manufacture,
  • technical parameters that outline the product's specific features and capabilities,
  • prices are presented including Value Added Tax (VAT) for customers within the European Union, and are zero-rated for VAT for customers outside the European Union, ensuring clear and direct cost details,
  • an indication of the product's availability in our warehouse, reflecting its current stock status,
  • information about alternative product manufacturers, providing additional choices for our customers,
  • the various methods of delivery are available, catering to different shipping preferences,
  • expected delivery timelines, offering an estimate of when the product will arrive,
  • delivery charges are inclusive of VAT for shipments destined within the European Union and are zero-rated for VAT for shipments to the rest of the world, clearly indicating the total shipping cost for full transparency,
  • a photo or technical drawing of the product, when available, for visual identification, supplemented by a brief description for enhanced clarity.
  • original information from the producer, if accessible, serves as a reference point only. This may not always mirror the latest version of the product.

The user is aware and accepts that the content provided is subject to continuous changes/modifications. We diligently update our product listings to ensure that any modifications are promptly reflected, aiming to offer our customers the most current and relevant information. Should you require more detailed information or have specific questions about a product not fully covered on our website, we invite you to reach out to our customer service team for personalized assistance.

Furthermore, the Seller assumes no liability for the correctness and actuality of the content. The responsibility for verifying the applicability and accuracy of the provided information rests with the user.


All prices listed on the website and its associated domains can be displayed in EUR, USD, SEK, or GBP, according to the User's selection. For customers within the European Union (EU), these prices include Value Added Tax (VAT) and all other applicable taxes. However, for customers outside the EU, prices do not include VAT or other taxes specific to the destination country. It's important to be aware that the prices displayed on the website do not include delivery charges. These costs are clearly indicated to the User during the product selection process and will be added to the final amount due at the time of order completion.

The Seller reserve the right to modify the prices displayed on the website and its associated domains without prior notice. In the event of a price adjustment in the online shop after the Purchaser has placed an order and processed the payment, the Seller is committed to fulfilling the delivery of the ordered products at the price that was valid at the time the order was placed.

Ordering Process

The Seller offers products for sale to both individuals and businesses.

To place an order, please follow these steps: - Product Selection: Find the necessary item in our electronic catalog. You can search by entering the brand name and model of your vehicle or by typing the specific part number into the search window. - Add to Cart: Once you've found the product, add it to your cart. - Quantity: Specify the number of items you wish to purchase. - Price Confirmation: Review and confirm the final price of the product. - Purchaser Information: Enter the purchaser’s details, including first name, surname (or company name and VAT number), and contact information. - Recipient Information: Provide the recipient’s details, such as first name, surname (or company name), and contact information. If the recipient is the same as the purchaser, simply tick the corresponding box to indicate this. - Delivery and Payment: Select your preferred delivery method and transaction type. - Review and Conditions: Carefully review your order and read the Conditions of Sale. - Acceptance: Confirm your agreement with the Conditions of Sale. - Payment: Proceed to payment (refer to the "Payments" section for details).

Should you have any doubts about whether a part is suitable for your vehicle, or if you cannot find the specific detail you need, please reach out to us. You can send an inquiry to or use our contact form on the website for assistance.

Delivery Time and Availability

Each product listed on the Seller's websites is accompanied by information regarding its availability within the warehouse and an estimated delivery time, which can range from 1 day to 4 weeks. Please be aware that the 4-week timeframe is a rough estimate and may be subject to extension due to manufacturer-related delays. Reasons for such delays might include production issues, supply chain disruptions, or unexpected demand surges.

Upon processing your order, we will promptly notify you via email if any of the products you have ordered are not currently available.

In instances where specific items are temporarily out of stock, we will proceed to ship the available items in your order. For the unavailable items, we will issue a refund. Additionally, we may propose a substitute for any out-of-stock product with an alternative of equal price and quality. Should you decide not to accept the suggested replacement, we will proceed to refund the cost of the unavailable item. Refund transactions are initiated without delay and will be completed, ensuring the Purchaser receives the funds no later than 30 days from the date the order was placed.

Please note that product availability is subject to change due to potential technical issues in our warehouse or with our software systems.

Dispatch Terms

The dispatch of your order is influenced by the time and day your order is placed, as well as the shipping method and carrier you choose at checkout: - Orders Placed Before 15:00 (Estonian Time) on a Working Day: These are dispatched on the next working day. - Orders Placed After 15:00 (Estonian Time) on a Working Day: These will be dispatched on the second working day thereafter. - Orders Placed on a Weekend or Public Holiday: These will be dispatched on the second day after the weekend or holiday period concludes.

Following dispatch, the estimated delivery times range from 1 to 7 days, based on the shipping method and carrier selected during checkout. Please note that these delivery times are estimates and may be subject to variation due to factors such as carrier delays, customs clearance processes, or significant demand spikes during holiday seasons. This timeframe begins once you receive an email confirmation that your order has been dispatched.

Orders will be shipped to the address specified at the time of purchase. Ensure the delivery information is accurate to avoid delays.

International Shipments and Import Duties

For orders shipped outside the European Union (EU), import duties and taxes may be applicable. These charges are levied once the parcel reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient. The Seller has no control over these fees and cannot predict their amount.

Customs policies vary significantly across different countries. We recommend contacting your local customs office for detailed information on charges and compliance.

As the importer of record, you are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of the country into which the products are being received.

Customs Inspection and Privacy Considerations

Our international customers should note that cross-border deliveries are subject to inspection by customs authorities as part of the standard process. This is a necessary step to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Additionally, customs authorities may sometimes request copies of national ID for verification purposes. Rest assured, we value the privacy and confidentiality of your orders and any information requested is solely for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Upon placing an order, customers have the opportunity to select their preferred method of delivery.

Available Shipping Options: - DPD Parcel Services: The cost for shipping is based on the size, weight, and destination country of the package. - DHL Express: An expedited shipping option for urgent deliveries, with the cost determined by the package's size, weight, and destination country. - FedEx International Priority: Similar to DHL Express, this is an expedited shipping service. The shipping cost varies depending on the size, weight, and destination of the package.

The Seller strives to meet the delivery times listed on our website. If you do not receive your package within the specified timeframe, we will conduct an investigation with the shipping carrier, which may take several days from the receipt of your claim. We value your patience and understanding in these circumstances and are dedicated to resolving any delivery issues as quickly as possible.

Secure Payments

Select your preferred payment method for secure transactions:

  • Credit Card Payments: Secure payments using your credit card.
  • PayPal System: Convenient payments through the PayPal service.
  • Bank Wire Transfer: Traditional bank transfers are also accepted.

For online payments made by credit card or through the PayPal service, we utilize the "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) protocol. This technology encrypts your banking information, ensuring its security over the internet.

Our security team, in collaboration with the payment gateways, is dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of your transactions. Together, we actively monitor for signs of fraudulent activity. Should any transaction be suspected of fraud, we reserve the right to cancel it as a measure to protect all parties involved.

Upon placing an order, the purchaser is required to make a prepayment. This prepayment covers the total cost of the product(s) and delivery. Following the completion of the transaction, a confirmation email will be sent to you, which includes: - The order confirmation. - An invoice for the prepayment.

This process ensures that your payment is not only secure but also transparent and well-documented for your records.

Right of Withdrawal

With all transactions on or any of our related websites, peace of mind comes as standard. The Purchaser is granted the privilege to withdraw from the purchase within 30 days, starting from the delivery date of the product.

Should the Purchaser choose to act on this right and cancel the contract, they are required to send the product back to the Seller at their own cost.

Return Policy

The Purchaser is entitled to: - Return any defective products or items that do not match their description within 30 days of receipt to be eligible for a full refund of the product price. The refund will be processed once the seller has received and verified the return, provided all conditions in the Conditions of Sale are met. The refund will be issued no later than 30 days after the return has been processed. - If a spare part manufacturer approves the purchaser's warranty claim, the purchaser is eligible to receive a refund for the shipping costs. This refund will be processed within 30 days following the receipt of the returned product by the Seller.

To ensure the safe return of goods, we strongly recommend shipping returns via registered post and purchasing insurance from the carrier equivalent to the merchandise's value. This step is crucial for protecting against the loss or damage of goods in transit. Please note that return costs incurred through courier or postal services will not be reimbursed. Ownership of the returned items transfers to the Seller only after the items have arrived at our designated returns address.

Conditions for Refund Eligibility

For a refund to be issued through the original payment method within 30 days, the returned product must meet the following conditions: - Be undamaged and in its original packaging, which should be free of unrelated markings, stickers, and tape residue. Maintain its original value without any diminishment. - Be free from any physical damage, signs of use, and alterations in appearance. - Not have been installed on any vehicle.

For electronic and electrical products, all the above conditions apply with the additional requirement that packages with security stickers must remain unopened.

Manufacturer's Warranty and Deadline for Submitting Claims

The products available for purchase on and our related websites are covered by a manufacturer's warranty, which guarantees them to be free from defects in original materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. This Warranty Period is fixed and will neither be interrupted nor extended. The Seller will not bear any additional costs for repairs, including parts and labor. Any reimbursements for claims accepted under this policy will be issued as merchandise credit only. The purchaser is not entitled to request reimbursement in any form other than merchandise credit.

In the event of defects in original materials and workmanship, the Seller is committed to either replacing the defective product or refunding the cost of the product. However, the replacement of products or individual items does not extend the original warranty period. Additionally, the costs associated with the installation and removal of products are not covered under this warranty.

Products with a manufacturer-determined lifespan (e.g., filters, spark plugs) are subject to a warranty period that may be shorter than the standard, aligning with the manufacturer's specified maintenance and replacement period.

The Seller is not responsible for failures resulting from: - owner, mechanic, or third party abuse or neglect including, but not limited to, engine operation without adequate lubricant or coolant, over or under-fueling, over-speeding, lack of proper maintenance to cooling, lubrication, or air intake systems, improper storage, starting, warm-up, run-in or shutdown procedures or the continued operation of an engine after the first sign of a malfunction. - improper installation or repair procedures, alteration or the misapplication of parts, use in engines modified for competition, or levels of performance beyond the engine manufacturer’s original specifications. - non-compliance with the relevant installation or handling regulations - excessive strain or incorrect use during the installation - improper or insufficient maintenance - faulty electrical voltage or voltage error

The Seller will make every effort possible to give each and every warranty claim prompt, fair, and equitable consideration. Response time will vary depending on the complexity of the analysis required and the completeness of the information submitted. Extra care and effort expended in preparing parts and information for submission of a warranty claim will serve to improve the response time. Claims submitted carelessly and incompletely will lead to delays.

Warranty claims that are found to be incomplete or improperly submitted upon review by the seller or manufacturer will be set aside, and no action will be taken until the necessary additional information is received.

Parts returned for warranty analysis must be carefully packed and protected from shipping damage. Parts damaged in handling due to improper packing will be denied warranty consideration.

The Seller or manufacturer will hold the returned parts for a period of 30 days after completion of the evaluation. At the end of 30 days, the parts will be discarded unless otherwise requested.

Parts involved in claims determined to be warrantable will become the property of the manufacturer upon acceptance of the claim settlement. Parts involved in claims found to be non-warrantable may be returned to the customer at his expense upon request if made within the 30 day period following issuance of a report.

Order of Submitting Claims

When experiencing product issues or warranty-related incidents, customers have two options to submit a claim: through email at or by filling out the Request for Warranty form available on

Check List for Submitting a Warranty Claim: - Completely fill out the “Request for Warranty” form, or prepare an equivalent email submission. - Attach copies of all original work orders and invoices. - Carefully pack the failed spare part to prevent damage during transit. - Enclose a copy of the “Request for Warranty” form with the part(s) being returned, or ensure all relevant details are included in your email.

Upon completing the checklist, ensure your submission (whether by the Request for Warranty form or email) includes: - Order number - Vehicle details (make, model, year of manufacture, motor power in kW, VIN number) - A description of the product defect and the nature of the claim. Try to be clear and specific, and skip saying just 'not OK' or 'doesn't work' - The date of product installation on the vehicle - The vehicle's mileage at the time of installation - The vehicle's mileage at the time of disassembly

Products involved in the claim must be returned to the following address: Tala 2, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia. Should a warranty claim be validated by the manufacturer, the Seller will reimburse the courier or postal service costs associated with returning the product.

Customers will receive the decision via email within 30 days of submitting the claim. The seller may extend this response period and will notify the customer if such an extension is necessary.

Confidentiality Policy

At Spareto OÜ, we are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy and security of the information collected through our website, and our associated domains. This includes personal identification details, transaction history, and any other data provided by our users. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, ensuring that such information is neither sold, reused, rented, lent, nor disclosed to third parties, except as mandated by law or as necessary for legal compliance and fraud prevention.

Our handling of personal data is in strict adherence to applicable data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets the standard for data privacy and security across our operations.

The collection and use of personal information are conducted with transparency and under the principle of informed consent. We explicitly inform our users about the purposes of data collection and seek their explicit consent before using their information for any new purposes.

To protect your data from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, or alteration, Spareto OÜ implements robust security measures reflective of the latest technological standards.

As a data subject, you are entitled to several rights regarding your personal data, such as the right to access, amend, or request the deletion of your information in our possession. Should you have any questions or concerns about how we manage your data or wish to exercise your rights, please contact us at

Spareto OÜ may periodically update this confidentiality policy to reflect changes in our practices or legal obligations. Changes will become effective immediately upon their posting on our website.

Final Provisions

These Conditions of Sale become effective upon their acceptance by the Purchaser and the receipt of the total prepayment amount by the Seller. The validity of these Conditions of Sale ceases upon the expiration of any claim made under these conditions against the Seller. This cessation of validity does not affect the enforcement of claims made prior to the expiration date.

In the event of disputes arising from, or in connection with, these Conditions of Sale, the Seller and the Purchaser agree to make all reasonable efforts to resolve them through amicable negotiations. Should negotiations fail, both parties retain the right to submit the dispute to the competent county court within the Republic of Estonia. Any such proceedings will be governed by, and construed following, the laws of the Republic of Estonia, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. The parties hereby explicitly agree and accept that the county court of the Republic of Estonia will have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising under these Conditions of Sale.